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2005 Switzerland Antiquity Tour

(New Section Under Construction!)

Scenic Meadow Near Montreux Switzerland from

In 2005 Stanley and Cindy decided to go on an adventure to Switzerland. This was very exiting for Cindy, as Stanley's health and dislike for travel often prevent them from going on extended vacations. In this case, woodcarving and woodworking were the theme, so Stanley overcame his preconceptions about flight and tours, and decided to embark on this trip.

Chestnut Tours Logo ImageThis section was just created on February 23, 2006. We're planning to vastly expand it to include a wide variety of photos and details about the woodworking and carving in Switzerland. We have a library of over 1000 digital photographs, it's just a matter of writing up the text and building the gallery pages (OK - so that may take some time so please be patient!)

The trip was offered through Chestnut Tours, and personally guided by Wayne Barton, a world renowned carver himself, and Director of The Alpine School of Woodcarving.

This most unusual 15 day tour of Switzerland is designed for those who enjoy historical antiquity, breathtaking scenery, and a sense of adventure and discovery. Guide Wayne Barton blends unusual points of interest with breathtaking scenery and pleasant discoveries at every turn, all at a leisurely pace, and with Stanley's obvious interests at play - Mr. Barton's background was an overflowing wealth of knowledge to feed off of throughout the trip.

Check back soon to see this section as its built!

For more information on this trip contact:

Wayne Barton
847.692.6626 Fax

Wayne Barton Logo - Mailto Link

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