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This section is republished with permission, slightly modified from a Chicago Focus to reference general links and resources for identifying and tracing the history of your home!

Special Thanks to: The Ridge Historical Society of Chicago, IL

The Ridge Historical Society website is a free resource for students, historians and anyone interested in the area history. But in order to keep it going, please consider giving back, whether as an individual or an organization, through one of the following means, according to your financial ability.

To donate or become a member click here.

Special Feature Publication:


Ridge Historical Society of Chicago Four Square House Image
Ridge Historical Society of Chicago Bungalow House Image


Many of the requests for information we receive at the Ridge Historical Society regard the history of individual homes. In order to make the process easier for residents, we have assembled the majority of our resource materials for local homes and architectural history into one area of Driscoll House called, The Architectural Resource Center. Individuals interested in researching the history of their home can visit the Ridge Historical Society during our public hours, or call to make an appointment with a Research Associate for other times. While basic research assistance is offered at no cost, larger research projects may involve some fees.

This online guide to researching your home's history is designed to get you started in the right direction, and to provide you with information regarding other resources available to you in your search. This information was obtained from various sources, including the Chicago Landmarks Commission and Jennifer Kenney of Historic Preservation Services. Photographs are courtesy of David Daruszka.

Your House Has A History

Step 1
Checking The Chicago Historic Resources Survey

Step 2
Finding A Copy Of The Building Permit

Step 3
Researching Information On The Construction Of Your House
Resource Centers

Step 4
Finding Information On The Previous Owners

Step 5
Finding Plans, Drawings Or Photos Of Your House

Step 6
Your Neighborhood History

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