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High Quality Hand Made Pieces

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Canadian Dresser

Recently Completed

After / Before

Canadian Oak Dresser After RestorationCanadian Oak Dresser Before Restoration

This family heirloom provided and excellent platform for restoration. All the wood was in great structural condition, but of course the adhesives and finish showed their age. The piece experience moving damage in the form of crushing the pulls into drawer faces, water damage, and apparent shipment with proper packing.

Empire Dresser Circa 1825 - This is a very well made example of an empire dresser. Finished entirely natural - this is the real thing an example of patina. No dye, no pigment, just a clear stain to moisturize the piece then hand rubbed garnet shellac. This piece is all true patina.

Circa 1825 Mahogany Empire Dresser - Before RestorationCirca 1825 Mahogany Empire Dresser - After Restoration

Walnut Hutch - Handmade

Hand Made Walnut Hutch - After Restoration

This piece shows multiple signs of being a hand made piece, specifically by an armature or country craftsman. The joint work is well done, but shows all the inconsistencies of true hand work. There are cut short moldings, meaning someone made a little mistake and just put in the short piece as filler.

There are some screws - but these may have been added later. No signs of multiple styles of hinges, but the windows are hand glazed which was rarely done on production furniture.

Finish is natural - no dye, no pigment, just a clear stain to moisturize the piece, garnet shellac, and a thin protective layer of tung oil. This piece is all true patina.

Hand Made Walnut Hutch - Before Restoration Top Section Hand Made Walnut Hutch - Before Restoration Base Section

Antique Trunk (In Progress Now!)

This is a great example of an antique trunk, we're working on determining its age but figuring Circa 1850. The piece has many iterations of old finishes, layers of paper inside, and the hardware could use a little care.

Antique Trunk Before Restoration EndAntique Trunk Before Restoration Front

Antique Trunk Before Restoration BackAntique Trunk Before Restoration Inside

In Progress Photos

Antique Trunk In Progress Restoration Paper Removal

Restoration Complete!

The chest now has a revitalized finish, the obscure variety of fillers have been removed, the layers of dirt and grime taken down and new layers of shellac applied to regain the original appearance with the benefit of an antique patina. The metal work has been treated, painted, and waxed. All the paper inside - now gone!

Antique Trunk Restoration Complete - FrontAntique Trunk Restoration Complete - Angle Right

Antique Trunk Restoration Complete - Angle LeftAntique Trunk Restoration Complete - Inside

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