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Restoration Gallery

Historic Carriage Restoration

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Check out our Original Cannon Carriages

1790 Reproduction Howitzer by Artisans of the Valley Side View

These were built from scratch for historic reenactments!

Restored Painted Chinese Carrige - Front View

Super High Resolution Image

Painted Chinese Carrige - Back Angle View Before RestorationThis Rustic Chinese Carriage was a great project. Found outside of Princeton just waiting for restoration, our client saw the perfect accent piece to their garden landscaping. Destined for a simple shale pad, the piece provides color against the backdrop of evergreens and a black rail fence. This was a drastic transformation, and we thoroughly enjoyed working on the piece.

Painted Chinese Carrige - Photo Group Before RestorationRestored Painted Chinese Carrige - Side View

We're still in the research phase of dating this piece, it's approximately 150 years old and obviously of Asian origin. We believe it's a Chinese conveyance often pulled by an Ox or small horse. The piece is teak, so it's not rotted at all, a few stress cracks (we call that character) ... overall it is in excellent structural condition. We'll be preserving some of the silk and newspaper originally found lining the carriage roof soon. Check back for photos of the text!

We added the symbol of the dragon, shown below, on the back center panel of the carriage for good luck.

Painted Chinese Carrige - Lettering Restored Painted Chinese Carrige - Profile View

Stanley and Cindy are shown below painting the carriage. Shop space overflowed, and we ended up working on this piece at Eric's house. Restoration included a complete cleaning, removal of years of dirt, rust, and old paint residue, sanding preparation, rust treatment, and finally painting the piece. We also overlaid the canvass top with a fresh oil painted canvass sealed in place with tar.

Painted Chinese Carrige - In Progress Stanley Painting Painted Chinese Carrige - In Progress Wheels Closeup

Painted Chinese Carrige - In Progress Stanley Painting Back Angle Painted Chinese Carrige - In Progress Cindy Painting Back


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Monmouth Battlefield State Park Cannon

Monmouth Battlefield State Park Cannon  Restoration(Click for more information.)The first cannon in the Monmouth Battlefield State Park Museum, this reproduction French four-ponder was donated through the Friends of Monmouth in dire need of attention. Artisans provided services to reproduce a new cannon trail section to replace the existing rotted piece. More...

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