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Antique Jelley Cupboard - After Restoration

Jelly Cupboard

Featured as on our our conservation documentaries. this Jelly cupboard arrived having seen much better days. Doors joints were separated, dry rotting wood, water damage, missing knobs, and a finish that was almost completely deteriorated.

Antique Jelley Cupboard - Foot Closeup Before Restoration Antique Jelley Cupboard - Door Closeup Before RestorationAntique Jelley Cupboard - Dry Rot Closeup Before Restoration

Click here to review the Jelly Cupboard Documentary

Pine Dry sink

We're not 100% sure of the origin of the components of this piece, it appears to be a late 19th century dry sink that has been through various iterations of restoration. It arrived in disrepair having a split side, back slats separating, almost no finish left, and the sink section lacking any means of attachment.

A full finish restoration was required, and the structure of the piece was restored to near 100% as the wood was solid with no signs of rot. The results turned this falling apart piece into a solid rustic country accent piece.

Pine Drysink Before Restoration

Pine Dry Sink After Restoration

Hand Made Heirloom Chest

Hand Made Heirloom Chest - Before Restoration

This hand made chest arrived in pieces. Made by our client's grandfather, it held sentimental value as well as its antique value. Lots of moisturizing, restoration of all the joint work, removal and reattaching of all the moldings, and a new finish were required to conserve and restore the beauty of this chest.

Hand Made Heirloom Chest Restoration Complete - FrontHand Made Heirloom Chest - Top View

The finishing touch, new hand forged hinges by Horton Brass. Shown below, Horton is one of the few companies still offering a true iron hinge made to exacting historic specs.

Reproduction Chest Hinge by Horton Brass

Eclectic Hand Made Pine Cupboard - Circa 1900

Eclectic Hand Made Pine Cupboard - Circa 1900 Restoration Complete ClosedEclectic Hand Made Pine Cupboard - Circa 1900 Restoration Complete Open

This hand made cupboard is a family heirloom piece in solid pine - including a 2" thick over 20" wide sold single slab top. The piece has tri versed time over the past century perhaps starting out in a country kitchen, working its way through various lives as a workbench until its recent recovery from barn storage.

We carried out our client's vision to bring this piece back to a functional and beautiful state. Stripping was an absolute requirement, years of deep oil and chemical stains and saturation had to be removed for scent and sanitation purposes. The piece was also covered with an old milk paint, almost impossible to remove without sanding.

The patina was deep, and survived it all, the restored piece shows an amazing tone of natural oxidation. No stain, just a hand rubbed shellac and tung oil varnish brought out the grain and random history of abuse this piece faced in its 100+ years.

Eclectic Hand Made Pine Cupboard - Circa 1900 Before RestorationEclectic Hand Made Pine Cupboard - Circa 1900 Before Restoration

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