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Artisans of the Valley contract descriptions - cartoon graphic of $ signPricing can be done in one of two ways, either upfront as a working budget, or by evaluating the customer's needs and generating a price. Either method works, but it is best to have a customer guideline for the overall project budget. We will attempt to meet your needs, not drain your maximum budgeted amount. Remember, our past clients are always our best form of advertising; therefore we will strive to make you comfortable with the price.

Upon completion of the design phase, we will generate a proposal. All known factors will be considered and incorporated into the price. If the price falls within the customer's budget, we can move forward to the contract phase. If the price is out of scope, or in some cases lower than the customer expected, additional decisions must be made.

In order to meet customer budgets, several factors can be considered. The number of doors or drawers and the amount of carving on a piece is very significant in its cost. For example; an average plain open bookcase in oak plywood can run as little as $1000. The same piece with solid raised panel doors and carved moldings $3000.

Artisans of the Valley contract descriptions - cartoon graphic of screen bean showing estimate bannerPricing for custom work is based upon our best estimates of the amount of time and materials involved in a piece. A client may provide budget caps, and we will do our best to work within those restrictions. We rarely miss a mark by much, but unexpected issues can arise. We will bring schedule updates to the customer's attention immediately. Fluctuations in materials pricing may cause adjustments in the final price. In many cases, large projects may require purchases from multiple suppliers over time.

We do not compete with local furniture stores nor attempt to price match in any way. As we are a completely custom shop, there are no quantity discounts.

Please note that 6% NJ State sales tax will be added to the final services and labor price for all pieces. We usually purchase our materials retail, therefore the sales tax has already been paid in full at the time of purchase. Nonprofit organizations may provide a tax ID for materials purchase in the form of a letter defining the context of its use, signed by an authorized party on appropriate letterhead.

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