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Installation & Delivery

Artisans of the Valley - 2003 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 2500HD with TrailerStandalone pieces usually require require delivery, with little to no onsite work. Substantial pieces may require some measurements to be taken. We will arrange transport the piece to your home or office ourselves or through a third party mover.

Please make sure the piece you commission will fit into your home. Take into account doorframe sizes, hallway dimensions, ceiling height, staircases, and turns. Remember that standing a unit requires at least 3" gap from the ceiling for a standard 12" deep bookcase unit, and 6-8" for a 24 inch deep cabinet. (Final close moldings can always reach the ceiling with a tight fit.)

Custom modern corner entertainment center by Artisans of the ValleyThe entertainment center below, for example, requires a 48" opening if delivered in one piece. If you certify that your commission will fit, and we have not measured your location, we are not responsible when it won't fit through the door!

Custom installations will require one or more site visits. We will evaluate your site on our initial measurement visit to determine any obstacles to installation. On large-scale projects, delivery may be pre-established as a payment milestone.

Artisans of the Valley - Graphic image for contract example Table SawWhen we arrive onsite for installation, we will provide all the appropriate equipment. Our arsenal of tools includes portable power equipment including miter saws and table saws, compressors, finish chemicals, and lots of other toys.

Artisans of the Valley - Graphic image for contract example man working outlineWorking space will be required, preferably in a garage to avoid weather delays. Weather permitting, we are happy to work outside. Keep in mind, the further we are from our tools, the longer the process will take. We always do our best to clean up after ourselves, but plan for a little sawdust escaping. We have tarps, vacuums, and other equipment, but we will never turn down a helping broom.

The site must be prepared for delivery. Please remove any furniture or objects from the final location of your new piece, as well as anything that may block movement between your doorway and this location. We are very careful when moving heavy pieces through your home, and we will very often request that you remove anything we may damage from our path and work area. This includes cars, paintings, china, plants, etc.

Artisans of the Valley - Graphic image for contract example caution tapeWe don't mean to be intrusive, but your home will temporarily become a construction site. Please supervise young children throughout the delivery & installation. We have no problem answering a curious child's questions to the best of our ability, but we would prefer to avoid any injuries around our equipment and unsecured pieces.

Now that you've been through the process - please call or email us to discuss your ideas!

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