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Tablesaw Cabinet Full of Dust

"Time to Make some Dust!"

Sold walnut and cherry Mission style custom designed audio shelf by Artisans of the ValleyThe construction phase is usually the easiest, the planning is done, and the piece gets under way quickly. If you stop by, you will be amazed how fast we assemble casework. It will equally amaze you how long the finishing process and carving details may take. It is very true that 20% of the work takes 80% of the time. Period furniture may take several weeks before it begins to take the shape of its final form, but the process is amazing to watch.

Custom solid oak New Wave Gothic Dining table - in progress photo by Arisans of the ValleySeemingly unrelated parts and pieces are cut, jointed, and shaped. Everything in our shop is hand fitted, there are no stock parts or standard modules. It's always amazing when the pieces begin to fit, and a pile of wood turns into a work of art.

Custom solid poplar hand carved totem pole in progress by Artisans of the Valley
Custom solid oak

Commissions involving carving introduce a whole other aspect to the project. Artisans is one of the last shops offering true hand carving. This work takes time, but provides a result unlike any machined material.

We are now working with Custom Creations to offer the option of CNC carving with a hand touched look. The computer controlled router does the ruff work, and we take care of the details.

Custom solid oak griffen in progress by Artisans of the Valley

The construction phase my involve subcontractors and associates, and will definitely require materials.

During the construction phase, we will complete all aspects of the project that we can in our shop. Customer input may be required from time to time to assure the final product suits their needs and matches the contract requirements.

Although we cannot allow customers to operate equipment, we are always happy to share the construction process with a curious client.

Major changes in design during the construction phase will result in addendums to the contract and may affect the final price. We try to plan ahead as much as possible, but there is always a chance thing change. Please try to avoid design changes once construction has begun. The scope of work will be detailed in your contract, and all changes will require an addendum.

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