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Custom Hand Carved Bathroom Hamper - Circa 2002

Artisans can design and craft chests of almost any size, copying the patterns of past masters, or of original design. A decorative chest can be a feature piece of a living room, bedroom, even a bathroom as one client employed a modern chest as a hamper.

Custom Oak hand Carved Hamper Custom Oak hand Carved Hamper

Hamper carving (View larger picture)
This was a very special order and a first for Artisans of the Valley. It is not often that a customer requests a custom made, hand carved bathroom hamper, but in this case, someone did. After some explanation how wood behaves in a moist environment, and assurances from our client that he accepted the terms, we agreed to this commission. We always appreciate a client that acknowledges when they want something out of the ordinary, understands the technical aspects, and knows specifically what they want.

The piece is actually a six-panel chest, featuring pegged mortis and tenon joints in solid oak. Finish is golden oak, with a hand rubbed marine grade varnish finish; not our normal forte, but we are a custom shop! We even secured this piece using polyurethane waterproof glue for extra longevity, applied shoe sole rubber feet to keep it off the floor, and included multiple ventilation openings to avoid moldy clothing.

Custom Solid Cherry Bathroom Hamper - Circa 2007

We figured in 2002 that we had made our first hamper, and probably the last hamper anyone would think to commission. Well ... 2007 came along to prove us wrong and we upped the ante a bit moving to a solid cherry piece based on the design of the original oak hamper.

Custom Cherry Hand Carved Hamper - Scene ShotCustom Cherry Hand Carved Hamper - Carving CloseupCustom Cherry Hand Carved Hamper - Front Closeup

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