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Lion Sofa Foot Before Restoration and After RestorationLion Sofa Foot This German sofa sustained damage during a move, in fact the whole head was originally broken off the piece. It always amazes us when movers attempt a repair - it also often doubles the price of restoration when they do so! It's best practice to avoid attempting a restoration if you don't have experience with such projects. Fortunately they used an epoxy, and the bond held so our function became hiding the crack.

Circa 1880 African Mahogany Podium - Restoration CompletedCirca 1880 African Mahogany Podium

This is a family heirloom project, (shown left finished) passed on within a family with a history of strong ties to the Baptist church. This piece was revitalized without taking out all the history.

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Before ImageBy removing the deteriorated varnish, and allowing the major stains and damage to remain intact and show through, we manage carrying the history of the piece to the next generations. In fact, the preacher, our client's grandfather, hands wore away and stained the left and right sections of the podium surface. The family requested that signs of this remain intact.

Arriving in moldy condition, fresh from basement storage with a completely deteriorated finish. One finial was also missing, and is now replaced.

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Before Image Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Before Image Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Before Image
Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Before Image

Podium before


Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Before Image

In progress, the podium begins to show its true natural beauty of the wood without a shroud of darkened and discolored finish.

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Completed

Refinished Front Panel

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration Completed

Stripped bare!

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration In progress

This molding was literally held on by chewing gum!

Moldings falling off.

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration In progress

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration In progress

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration In progress

Artisans of the Valley - Podium Restoration In progress

Replacement Finial

Victorian Secretary in Mahogany

Victorian Mahogany Secretary - After Restoration

This project is a prime example of the conversion of a "modern" reproduction originally finished in lacquer into a new life as a collectable. First stripped, then cleaned, sanded and finished in a hand rubbed tung oil the true beauty of the aged mahogany patina shows through.

Revitalization of these heirlooms provides furniture of true quality and form at a fraction of the price for newly produced equivalents. Not to mention maintaining any sentimental value keeping the pieces in use.

Before Restoration photos reveal a black haze and crazing in the finish. Years of inconsistent fading and dry atmosphere has taken its toll.

Victorian mahogany Secretary - Top Before RestorationVictorian mahogany Secretary - Base Before Restoration

Barrister Cabinets

Mahogany Barristers - Before Restoration Mahogany Barristers - After Restoration



Solid mahogany barristers: Barristers are now an extremely popular in any material. If you have a set in your basement, attic, garage, etc their value has drastically increased in the past few years. These units were stripped of their original dark deteriorated lacquer finish, then offered a Red Mahogany stain with a hand rubbed shellac and tung oil heirloom finish. Each section of this set was broken down re-glued, and all joints and structures tested and refitted, then refinished.

Edwardian Desk - After Restoration

Edwardian Desk - This small desk came to us in serious need of help and a full restoration. The only intact feature was the leather surface, which had to be protected from the rest of the restoration process.

Electrical tape - this is a pre-civil war repair trick was commonly used by museum patrons throughout Eastern Europe ... oh I can't even write that with a strait face.

Edwardian Desk - Drawer elctric taped togetherEdwardian Desk - Drawer Before REstorationEdwardian Desk - Broken Caster

We see all sorts of repair attempts in furniture restoration, tapes of various sorts are one of the most common. Usefully to hold a piece in place to prevent further damage until a real restoration perhaps, but always be carefully with finished surfaces and be aware that tape will often leave a residue.

Edwardian Desk - Separated Molding CloseupEdwardian Desk - Leg Crack CloseupEdwardian Desk - Leg Crack Closeup Side Angle

Abused during a move, the desk had a broken leg, moldings peeled off, casters torn loose, and a variety of scratches

The piece was also exposed to uneven sunlight causing a bleached effect, and a general deteriorated finish.

The piece was disassembled, the old lacquer removed, and the whole piece glued and refinished in hand rubbed tung oil. Restoration of the leg proved successful - but the piece must still be cared for and treated lightly, especially when moved.

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