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Gaming Restorations Page 2 Boards & Games

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1849 Jaques Staunton chess set Restoration Complete1849 Jaques Staunton Tournament Set - Restoration of this rare 1849 Jaques Staunton chess set was a unique treat for Stanley & Eric - a first time game restoration project. The set is the 9th out of 300 sets, and currently the oldest known existing set. The set arrived with sixteen damaged pieces, missing various chips, pips, and crosses. Check Gaming Restorations Page 1 to see our chess set restorations!

Gaming Board Restoration - Damage is not exclusive to chess pieces; the boards also face the test of time and ware and tare. This one has certainly seen some better days having been split clean in half. The playing squares have many sections chipped or missing, as well as some of the intricate inlay having been lost over time.

Antique Foldering Chess Board - Before Restoration - Bottom Half Antique Foldering Chess Board - Before Restoration - Bottom Half 2nd View

Antique Foldering Chess Board - Before Restoration - Top HalfAntique Foldering Chess Board - Before Restoration - Top Half 2nd View

The board underwent a series of steps to secure the two halves together then carefully fill in missing sections of the frame. The veneer was repaired using strawberry wood imported specifically for this project. The inlay was matched as close as possible replacing only the damaged or missing sections. The board remains intact with as much original material as feasible, which is at least 95%.

The original finish also remains intact, as this was a shellac finish and was reemulsified on the board, adding only a minimal amount of hand cut shellac, to ensure that board remains original.

Antique Foldering Chess Board Restoration Complete - Open ViewAntique Foldering Chess Board Restoration Complete - Top Open View

Revolutionary War - Window Diorama - This was a reasonably simple project - the diorama background was crushed during years of neglect. A Stanley painting project, the background isn't worth anything special and was not only torn and crushed but beginning to show significant signs of deterioration. Replacement was the most resource effective option, so a new background was painted. These eclectic projects keep us entertained with seemingly unlimited diversity. Completed for the Swan Foundation in Washington Crossing Park, NJ.

Revolutionary War Window Diorama Before Restoration Revolutionary War Window Diorama After Restoration

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