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This is our random events and trips page - a few scattered photos from here or there, most pre-digital but interesting enough for us to scan and post.

Colorado - 1997

Eric Saperstein (left) Fritz & Lynna Neuberger, Tom Clark, and Daniel Demarco - Colorado Trip at Loveland Pass

Colorado Trip 1997 - Top of the Rockies ViewColorado Trip 1997 - Top of the Rockies View

This photo is from a trip to upstate NY - one of many made to Burke's cabin. More photos are going to funnel in from various sources, we'll scan them as time allows.

Eric Saperstein, Jim Gross, Tom Clark, Dan DeMarco - Upstate NY Hike (Photo out of Red Dawn!)

As we are posting this; we are realizing that this photo looks a bit like a crew from Red Dawn. Probably not the only one like this that'll turn up!

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