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Large Scale Griffins

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Griffins ... and More Griffins!

Custom CNC replicated hand detailed griffins

Custom CNC replicated hand detailed griffinsA combined effort of Artisans and Custom Creations, we have now successfully cloned a line of griffins. The original and two clones stand in line above. The original was CNC scanned, and ruffed out on a high speed computer controlled router courtesy of Custom Creations, then hand detailed by Artisans. This combined talent allows for a cost savings compared to single hand reproduction methods.

See the Griffin take life, first in foam for test runs, then in solid oak. Almost any existing carving or model can be scanned, scaled, and cut in wood, foam, or composite materials.

Custom CNC replicated hand detailed griffins foam proofCustom CNC replicated hand detailed griffins in progress

Custom CNC replicated hand detailed griffins in progress Custom CNC replicated hand detailed griffins unfinished

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