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This section contains some restorations as an example of our carving skills at a detail level. Please check our Gaming Restoration Gallery for additional feature chess set restorations!

Artisans of the Valley - 1849 Jaques Staunton chess set1849 Jaques Staunton Tournament Set - Restoration of this rare 1849 Jaques Staunton chess set was a unique treat for Stanley & Eric - a first time game restoration project. The set is the 9th out of 300 sets, and currently the oldest known existing set. The set arrived with sixteen damaged pieces, missing various chips, pips, and crosses.

Closeup - 1849 Staunton Chess Set Original 300 Box Label

The details of this restoration, and before and after shots are featured in this article: 1849_JaquesStaunton.pdf and in addition featured in the published article "Restoration of the Game." and on our Client's website.

Artisans of the Valley - 1849 Jaques Staunton chess set - Before ZoomArtisans of the Valley - 1849 Jaques Staunton chess set - After Zoom

Artisans of the Valley - Jaques Pawns Before RestorationArtisans of the Valley - Jaques Pawns After Restoration

Knight image(Click for larger picture)Part of a second chess set restoration project - these three knights represent different sets. One arrived in pristine shape as a model, the second missing it's entire snout, and the third --- well that was just the base it was missing.

Knight from Jaques of London antique chess set(click for larger picture)

The set below is an extremely intricate antique ivory set. The set arrived missing three out of four balls on the rooks, as well as several of the intricate spines surrounding the pieces. Additionally one bishop was missing it's pips.

Sets can be restored using antique ivory chips salvaged from various damaged African artwork, piano keys, or other sources.

Ivory carves easily and excepts great detail, as obvious for the original artists work. Splicing in new materials and blending into the original carvings is absolutely feasible.

Additionally, Ivory excepts various dies and pigments to allow for accurate color matching.!

We'll be happy to restore your ivory sets, as long as legal supplies of antique ivory are available. We have several sources, so please feel free to contact us!

Artisans of the Valley - Ivory Chess Set Restoration

Artisans of the Valley - Ivory Chess Set Restoration

Artisans of the Valley - Ivory Chess Set Restoration

Artisans of the Valley - Ivory Chess Set Restoration

Artisans of the Valley - Ivory Chess Set Restoration

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