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We unfortunately don't have modern images of these pieces, taken a slight bit before digital cameras and photo editing software. Thus - most of the images on this page will not enlarge, but simply serve to provide a guideline for the form of these unique pieces.

Country Corner Cupboards - Puratain Pine Finish

Country Corner Cupboards - Early American Finish

Country Corner Cupboards

This full size corner cupboard (Left) in country pine style with solid pine tung and grove backing is a simplistic sturdy piece.

Available in various custom sizes and designs. Corner cupboards are available in all woods in any design imaginable. They are perfect for that short dead corner, turning it into a focal point of the room.

The Country Kitchen Dutch Cupboard

This beautiful, rustic cupboard can be commissioned to your requirements dimensions in pine, oak, cherry, or poplar as a country design.

Shown with raised panel doors, also available in flat panel, punched metals (pie safe sections) or planked doors.

Units can be configured with any various arrangements of drawers, and closed or open shelving. Bonnets are available as well.

Country Kitchen Dutch Cupboard

Country Kitchen - Pie Safe in Pine with Pierced Tin Panel DoorsPie Safe

This unique tin pierced cabinet served a special purpose in keeping flies off pies and breads and allowing air to circulate, preventing mold. It is available in any size, with or without drawers, in oak, cherry, poplar, or and pine. Feature panels are available in tin, brass, or copper sheet metal.

Queen Anne Walnut Sideboard Circa 1705

The 60" x 19" sideboard shown next to the gate leg table is perfect for a small dining room. Sideboards are commonly used as servers and storage for items often used for dining.

The piece shown is made from the same tree as the walnut tea table, and was dropped by Stanley and milled by Willard Brothers. Showing signs of air dried wood, this piece behaves and shrunk just like the real deal and we've argued from time to time to explain to people it's not really 200 years old.

Sideboards are also beautiful in mahogany or cherry and can be made to fit the size of your room.

Queen Anne Walnut Sideboard (click for larger photo)

Queen Anne Walnut Sideboard Circa 1705

Country Dining Room Welsh Server

Country Dining Room Welsh Server (Above Right)

This roomy pine server with three drawers and two cabinets can hold a treasure of items is also available in cherry, oak, or poplar.

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